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Thursday, March 17, 2011

East Coast Park Trip

Hello ~ ;D
This post is about my day out with my dear boy to ecp as the title suggest ~
It was a fun one though , although it did drizzle abit .




Rent a bicycle and we both ride on it ~
You know you know , it the kind of "couple bicycle" ! ;D
We ride abit , stop and went to enjoy the scenery.

I got bored of normal pose and decided to get on the tree !


And and , baby and me spotted this cute bird !
To me , its kind of cute in its special way .
Although , its ugly and funny in another way i see it , HAHA !



It was a enjoyable trip overall ,
i want go climbing with baby soon !!
But homework is already occupying most of my time , wtf .
A part of me wish that i dont have to go through o-level..
Shall end the post here and off to sleep !
Next post would be on Finella and meee ~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out with Jasmine

Hello !
Went out with act cute Jasmine today ~
She is one crazy girl , keep laugh non-stop de ! ;p
Met her over at Rp, did one chinese homework ~
Richard and shiwei was there too and joined us ~
Went over to amk and watch My ex, haunted lover .
One scary show that frighten me a few times !
Not bad overall, the girls in it so pretty de ~

After movie , walk walk around and chit chat .
Cocking all the way ! ;D
Enjoy going out with her , she always make me laugh like idiot. <3

Trained back ~
In the train, She went to pull my shirt up when she almost fall,
revealed my stomach . ):
Then , evil her still can laugh till so happily leh ! Hahha ~
Reached home quite early today , shall go sleep after this post ~
I am tired , going do homework tmr .

Goodnight people !

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4th month celebration

Helloooo ~
I am finally back to blogging , Jasmine and Finella miss my blog post so much ! <3


Baby kept on complaining when i ask him take photos like non-stop !
Its rare that i have the feel to take many photos leh ~



Watched the movie "Unknown" ~
I dont quite get the story ! ):
After movie , went over to have our late dinner around 10 .
Its steamboat buffet , baby keep help me take off the shells !
I ate the most prawn i think .
Had a bad stomachache after that .
Both baby and me , hahahaha .
This clearly shows how unclean is their ingredients .
Shall upload the steamboat pic tmr ,
its really taking a super long time to load
and i am really sleepy le . Goodnight people ~

As promised, i've editted my blog post by adding more pictures !

See this silly boy happily sucking all the pearls inside his mouth !
He is 19 this year but i feel that he is like 9 . Hhahahah ! ;P

The steamboat that causes both of us stomachache!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day out with Varnie

Went to town tgt with my varnie ~
Bused to far east and shopped around but , did not bought any dresses .
Only bought a necklace and ate wanton mee . (:

But a dress did caught my eye , think shall be getting it next week ?
Walked over to 313, forever 21 . Nothing caught my eye except for a headband .
Trained over to bugis .
Shopped around and bought a slipper and jean . (:
Then , bused over to clarke quay nua ~
Ah long fetched us back home .
Was tired like dont know what ,slept inside his vehicle .

Today , went over to cip .
Worst cip ever , packed goodies under the blazing hot sun !!
Can really die , its so tiring . ):
Baby over at my house , beside me right now . ;D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Start of school

Today is the 2nd day of school .
Everyday seem so tiring to me , having to wake up at 6am .
I am still trying to get used to sleeping early and waking up .
During the holidays , i am always sleeping late and waking late . Hmmm..

This year , O-level .
Stress and stress , have to work double hard this year .
I dont wish to waste another more year of my school life ,
doing badly for all my exams .
Time really pass so quickly , i am going graduate in another 10 more months or so .
With determination , i believe i can do well ~
Which means , no more slacking and less shopping !!
Must maintain ~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The start of 2011 .

Today is the first day of 2011 , which is 1/1/11 . What a awesome date right ?
Spend my last days of 2010 with Baby , Finella , Charmain , Ctella and Hunny .
But sadly , my dear jasmine arent here with us . ):
Baby first came over my house fetch me , went over to cine .
Ate pontian wanton noodle and waited for them to come ~
Took neoprint and spammed baby's DSLR .
Watched "The tourist" , the ending did give me a surprise .
Overall , nice movie ~ Angelina Jolie is simply hot .
After movie , trained over to cityhall .
They ate dinner at foodcourt .

After dinner , tried to find a place to settle down and wait for 0000.
Was tgt with Yixiang and his 2 friends too .
Everyone was squeezing and it felt so warm .
Finally , found someplace and sat down .
Spammed photos again ~
After fireworks , squeezed to the mrt station .
Finella and co left first .
Something happened between me and yixiang .
I was really in the wrong , so sorry ..
I hope we still can be friend bah..

Thanks baby for always being here with me whenever i need you .
And , thanks for clearing the mess i make ystd . <3
I love you baby !

Shall upload some more pict and end this post ,
i am getting tired already .

Ya , that would be all . ;D
Shall sleep early tonight so that i would not look shag tmr .
Going over to baby's house meet the parent session .
Oh gosh , i am so scare only . ):

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello hello ! ;D
Its already the 31st right now since it already 2am .
This year passed by so quickly ,
till i still dont have the urgency for o-level which is like less than a year
counting from now .
Many things seem to happened this year , but yet i seem to be doing nothing much .
I guess , i waste 1 year away ?
Arent studying much this year and only thinking of fun all the while .
Next year would be different , i promise . ;D

Today , my dear boy came over to my house ~
I waited for him till i get so hungry . ):
But, its okay . He has always been waiting for me since we started going out . HAHA!
Went down buy ingredient to cook .
I am like aunty kay ? ):
Luckly is baby taking all those stuffs .
Cooked prawn covered meat , vegetable and omelet .

Just some simple dishes that i always cook .
Simply and nice okay ? (:
Shall intro you all the teddy bear
that baby bought last month for me . ;D

I am going countdown later on with Baby , Finella and Charmaine ~
I am going enjoy this year's countdown ! ;D
But sadly , not going to scape countdown party . ):
Off to my cosy bed le , goodnight people .